Thursday, October 30, 2014

The more things change...

I said things just aren't the same
Not like when I did it.
I was late to bed and weary
No complaints, I hid it.

No one wants to take a chance
They're resting on their hand
They're repeating everything
They have no promised land.

When I did it things were better
Everything was different
I colored right between the lines
Except for when I didn't.

Now you, you would understand this
That risks are not for taking
And rules that are made to make things
Stay the same are not for breaking.

You, you sound a lot like them
The others that I fear
But even worse you're one of us
A someone that is near.

Hide it then, do not complain
Be weary and to bed
Just the same, then, do it
Like I did it then, he said.

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