Friday, April 4, 2014


Can't really tell if he's a philosophe or uniquely dim.
Pithy ejaculations of candour, insight and confusion.
The kind of guy you'd eat soup with.
He's much more interesting than people usually are,
and not only because he's an enigma or strangely entertaining.
He'd never harm a fly or even give em sass.
Even dogs know he's a good guy.
Word gets around, I guess.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

This wooden house

Coldplay said "I wanna live in a wooden house, where makin more friends would easy."
It sounds good and made me feel warm and hopeful.
But I guess it must be a metaphor,
Cuz this house is my only new friend, and a leaky one at that.
Should've bought a hot tub.

The Ocean

I hate the ocean
It's far too wide
That black, salty expanse
of weeds and hidden animals
and endless horizons.
That's not my domain.
A lake is much better
if I see smoke of a distant campfire
then I know I'm not alone
Not like the Pacific.
And don't get me started on heaven.