Monday, June 23, 2014

The sound of words

Greta Garbo had a doozy.
A beauty by any name is just as sweet.
Alpha, beta, Garbo, delicious,
alliterative, and say-able;
a name that any house may hold.

M. Night Shmayalan is too hard to say
To top it off, it's not articulated as it appears,
like Wednesday, but not nearly so endearing.
Wednesday is a grey sweater, 63,
and not of much consequence.
But we all know Wednesday.

Ben Franklin had the right spell
when he gave hiz reezons for fonetiks
I'm not so easily put off by letters, though.
In fact, the crude pragmatics of z's where s's once were
distracted from the main, which is to say:
The pronouncements of an artful tongue are beauteous
without recourse to their ensymbolment.

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